• Latest Hytera Product available on the market: The HP7
    The Walkie-Talkies Review of the Hytera HP7 Series The Hytera HP7 Series, comprising the HP785 and HP705 models, offers high-performance digital two-way radios designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional users in industries like public safety, utilities, transportation, and more. Here’s a detailed look at the features and performance of the Hytera HP7 Series … Read more
  • Latest Motorola Product available on the market: The R7
    The Walkie-Talkies quick review of the Motorola Solutions R7 Radio The Motorola R7 is the latest addition to Motorola’s extensive line-up of two-way radios, designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries, including construction, public safety, and manufacturing. The R7, also available with a full keypad, is known for its advanced features, robust design, … Read more
  • The Benefits of Two Way Radios – Enhancing Workplace Communication.
    In today’s fast-paced work environments, effective communication is crucial for ensuring productivity, safety, and efficiency. Two way radios have long been a staple communication tool in various industries, offering real-time connectivity and seamless coordination among team members. In this blog post, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of integrating two-way radios into the workplace. Instant Communication … Read more
  • Introducing the Adesso Trek: Explore the Great Outdoors with Confidence
    The Adesso Trek is here as the newest addition to the Adesso range, ready for your next outdoor adventure! A brand-new twin pack of two-way radios designed specifically for friends and families to stay safe whilst on outdoors adventures. When you choose the Adesso Twin pack, you will receive everything you need to get started … Read more
  • Top 5 Reasons Restaurants Should Use Radios!
    Radios in Restaurants Restaurants often use walkie-talkies or two-way radios for various reasons to improve communication and overall efficiency in their operations. The importance of communication is imperative for the smooth running of any business, especially in restaurants where their reputation is on the line at that immediate point in time due to working with … Read more
  • 6 Reasons Schools Should Use Walkie Talkies
    Many schools and universities have opted to use walkie talkies on their sites for communication between all the staff. Educational institutions hold the safety of all the students and staff at the top of their priority list. The key to this? Constant communication and free flow of information. So if you are reading this blog, … Read more
  • Motorola T82 Extreme – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!
    Introducing the Motorola T82 to Maximon Solutions! MultiPack deal available now! Perfect as the all rounder radio for your exciting adventures! The T82 Extreme is the rugged travel companion designed to keep you and your friends safe during any thrilling adventures. With an IPX4 rating, this radio is weatherproof, able to withstand a wide variety of environments. … Read more
  • The importance of integrating two way radios into retail stores!
    By incorporating two way radios into your stores communications your store will be provided a wide range of benefits to help the overall experience for customers and for your employees. 1 – Instant communications 2- Economical and dependable 3 – Increased security and safety To begin with you will have instant communications, allowing you and … Read more
  • The difference between licenced and unlicenced radios.
    Licence-Free Two Way Radios: The benefits of having a licence free radio include having the ability to use them straight away. It’s just a matter of turning them on out of the box!  Licence free radios are ideal for smaller sites, businesses or anyone who doesn’t need large areas of coverage.  Depending on the environment … Read more
  • The ideal marine band radio!
    The high quality VHF Marine Radio Pronto PR-P10M is a professionally designed handheld Marine band radio. Its feature rich and specifically designed for global maritime applications. Built 100% waterproof, able to flash and float and sustain a white variation in temperatures, it’s the perfect tool for larger and small craft alike. PR-P10M benefits from the … Read more
  • Going skiing? Check out our perfect skiing radios!
    The Adesso WT446 Twin Pack! Being in touch with friends while skiing significantly adds to the fun, not to mention making skiing safer for everyone. So we have made it more simple this year to stay connected – this ideal combination provides a twin pack of fabulous Adesso WT446 radios. The Adesso WT446 is a … Read more
  • How two way radios from Walkie-Talkies literally proved a life saver
    In February a group of like-minded chaps from Beaconsfield Squash Club embarked on the annual ski holiday.  This year we increased the number from 8 to 12, a big ask in terms of organisation creating a situation one member termed as attempting to herd cats!  This is where our two way radios come into their … Read more
  • Keep Your Team Ahead of the Pack
    The RELAUNCHED Pronto Express is a long range radio that combines speed and simplicity for effective and instantaneous communication Countrywide. Calling over national cellular networks means you will never miss a transmission due to terrain, weather or distance. In stock now for just £368 inc VAT + shipping, additional monthly SIM rental required.   Accompanied by a large … Read more
  • Don’t Forget Our Hire Service Packages
    Don’t forget our range of short term hire packages available. From just £1 per day per radio, communication for your event couldn’t be clearer.  Ring the Walkie-Talkies team 01494 853 799 or email to discuss your requirements.  Photo by melanie hartshorn on Unsplash
  • The Mototrbo DP4400e digital radio by Motorola!
    The walkie-talkies expert take on the Motorola DP4400e – Motorola have enjoyed huge success with strong midrange hand portables such as the P210, GP300 and GP340 in their analogue range. Since their move to digital DMR radios the DP3400 and DP4400 were again market leaders, the current DP4400e range is now supporting the brand at an … Read more
  • AKM Factory Fire
    As if 2020 hadn’t sent us all enough challenges, it’s parting ”gift” to AKM, based in Nobeoka City, Japan, was a devasting factory fire.  Producing integral circuit parts to a wide range of consumer electronics products, many within the mobile radio market, the impact of the fire on AKM’s supply chain commitments is now being felt.   … Read more
  • The Best Walkie-Talkie Sets for Restaurants
    Two Way Radios are a proven power tool for restaurants  Choosing the right walkies you’re your restaurant can be an efficient tool to improve your bottom line by providing a higher level of customer experience, the importance of communication can never be underestimated. Lightweight and convenient to carry walkie-talkies are what the teams need as … Read more
  • Will Walkie-Talkies Work in the Mountains
    Walkie Talkies, also known as two-way radios, are short-range communication instruments used in areas where cell phones are challenged or not appropriate. Before the revolutionary invention of cell phones, people used handy two-way radios for communicating with each other in a specific short-range of areas. Generally thought to be used by military personals, police or … Read more
  • How Walkie-Talkies are Powered.
    One of the great inventions has been that of walkie-talkies as they have been making the lives of many easier. Originally invented at the time of the second world war, separately yet simultaneously by Donald Hings, a Canadian and American inventor Alfred Gross and Motorola. These devices are also known as 2-way radios, although there’s … Read more
  • Best Walkie Talkies for Indoor Use
    Educators, safeguarders, property managers, small businesses, and others will benefit from the best indoor walkie talkies. Finding a trustworthy set that doesn’t encounter continual interference or drop signals, as well as an easy-to-use model, can be difficult in and of itself. When shopping for walkie talkies, you’ll notice that there are several vital things to … Read more

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the walkie talkies team for the delivery of my Pronto radios. I only ordered them at 4pm and they arrived next morning. Great initial communication and the radios exactly as described.

Dave Hennings


Dear Walkie-Talkies, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my new charger pack what a fantastic handy piece of kit, it will serve me well on my motorcycle trips and when we go camping. Also may I say what a easy process it is to purchase from your website and the charger arrived next day. If I have any further requirements I will most certainly be coming back to you.

Ken Robertson


We have been working with Walkie-Talkies to equip our front of house and facilities staff with radio equipment for several years now. I have always found their personnel to be very personable, professional and knowledgeable. They have always strived to tailor solutions to meet our needs and our budget, even allowing us to trial equipment to make sure that it fitted our requirements. Their after care service is also excellent. I would most definitely recommend Walkie-Talkies’ services.

Sylvain, Property Management, London


Was looking to upgrade to digital radios for my school and decided upon the Motorola DP1400 and has proved to be an excellent investment. The radios were great value and delivery came early the next day. Will definitely be using you again.

Kevin Bower


For 12 years Walkie-Talkies have been assisting us with our communications requirements. Their fantastic customer support and cost effective solutions have ensured that our two way radios do not let us down!

Debi, Visitor Attraction, Isle of Wight

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