HP685G Full display and keypad IP67-rated digital radio with GPS and Bluetooth 5.0.

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Light and Stylish
The streamlined HP6 series is compact and light for easy carrying and wearing, at the meanwhile has stunning clear audio and long battery life, always ensuring the professional service of your staff and organization.

Clear Audio
The HP6 series uses the cutting-edge Al-based noise cancellation technology to decrease the unwanted background noise and reduce howling, maintaining high audio clarity. Users can now hear and be heard regardless of any noise.

Long Battery Life
The HP6 series allows users to enjoy easy carrying and wearing, it has a long battery life over 20 hours @ 5-5-90 standard as well. Users no longer need to charge the radio or change the battery until the full day work is finished.

Rugged and Durable
Being manufactured as per the MIL-STD-810 G standard, the HP6 series is IP67 rated and resilient to 2-meter drop to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Now the tough environment will no longer slow your staff and organization down.

Easy to Use
The HP6 series is designed for ease of use in a compact and discreet form. Tactile PTT, programmable buttons and keys allow professionals to respond positively. The integrated BT5.0 technology provides flexible wireless connection with accessories to keep their hands free.

Extended Range
Thanks to the improved receiver sensitivity, the HP6 series provides better connectivity both in marginal areas of coverage and indoors. This will deliver improved safety and operational benefits for operatives in the field.

Mandown on non-GPS models
Non-GPS variants of the HP6 series radios are equipped with mandown, a feature usually only associated with GPS-compatible terminals.

Package Includes

• Radio • Li-polymer battery (BP2002)

• Single-unit charger (CH10L27)

• Switching power adapter (PS1044)

• Standard UHF or VHF antenna

• Nylon strap (RO03) • Belt clip (BC48)

• Documentation kit

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