Pronto Expressv2 POC Long Distance Radio

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The RELAUNCHED  Pronto Express is a Push Over Cellular (POC) long range radio which combines speed and simplicity for effective and instantaneous communication Countrywide. Calling over national cellular networks means you will never miss a transmission due to terrain, weather or distance.  Now your organisations can benefit from instant, secure communications with unlimited range, whenever and wherever you need it. The Pronto Express long range radio represents tough and lightweight long range walkie talkies which can be configured to fulfil your organisation’s needs.

The Pronto Express long range radio is an ideal solution for Sectors such as Removal and Haulage Companies among many others who require the ability to contact their drivers and workforce at a moment’s notice. It has a push to talk button and a programmable function button. The speaker delivers loud and crystal clear audio even in the busiest of environments. 

With standard two way radios, communicating over a long distance is not always easy. You would more than likely need equipment such as repeaters to expand your radio coverage. However, with Push Over Cellular long range walkie talkies such as the Pronto Express you can now communicate with your team not just locally, but nationally. You can compliment your Pronto Express Radios with Dispatcher Software allowing you to know the status of your employees at all times via GPS technology.

Equipped with a 5200mAh High Capacity Battery, the Pronto Express long range radio has the power to keep your business moving and more importantly communicating!

Airtime for POC long range Walkie Talkies does need to be purchased separately, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at for more details on the benefits of long range walkie talkies.


Signal Strength Prompt
Integrated GPS
Selective Calling
Voice Prompt
Private/Group Calling Function

Package Includes

  • Pronto Express radio body
  • 5200mAh Ultra High Capacity Battery
  • Stubby antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Rapid Charger


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