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An Overview of Commercial Two-way Long-Range Radios

Thu Jul 15

Unlike a broadcast receiver, which only receives material, commercial two-way radio can emit and receive radio waves (a transceiver). It's an audio (sound) transceiver that's both a transmitter and a receiver, and it's used for bidirectional speech communication with other people who have comparable radios. Stationary (base station), mobile (placed in vehicles), and hand-held portable two-way radios are all available.

What are the benefits of purchasing a commercial walkie-talkie?

Commercial Two-way Radios provide numerous advantages for a variety of companies. One of the essential features of walkie-talkies or commercial radios is that they allow for two-way communication, which means that each user may respond to each other, allowing employees to receive accurate information and reduce mistakes.

A licensed commercial radio, for example, is ten times more powerful and has a far more extended range than an unlicensed radio. In addition, a licensed commercial radio is less likely to have interference, which might create sound problems or communication problems. Overall, a commercial radio means you or your company won't have to worry about significant buying expenses, as you would with a standard mobile phone, especially if your company mandated that each employee have one.

What is the operation of a commercial walkie-talkie?

A commercial two-way radio is similar to a walkie-talkie in that it consists of a portable, battery-powered radio that can communicate with another radio on the same frequency, referred to as a "channel." The built-in microphone permits the user to communicate while also listening to the other radio. Commercial walkie-talkies are usual to frequencies that must be followed by the firm or business, as specified in the license.

Who is permitted to use a commercial walkie-talkie?

Many businesses, including a nightclub and bar security, employ commercial walkie-talkies since they work in a potentially high-risk environment with many diverse parts. Due to the size of many event venues or sites, event teams will often benefit from walkie-talkies, allowing members of the team to be in various areas while still being able to communicate with one another while the event is in progress.

The Best commercial Two-Way Radios

Although high-quality long-range two-way radios have a long useful life, digital is frequently the preferred choice for forward-thinking purchasers. Commercial Two-way radios offer a stable means of communication that is not dependent on cellular networks, which can prove unreliable or fail in an emergency.

Aside from the convenience and prompt connectivity of two-way radio, there are a few more factors to consider while choosing your two-way radio.

The Motorola XPR3000e and XPR7000e radios often have high ingress protection (IP) ratings, allowing them to be submerged in water. A standard 5-year warranty is also included with all high-tier and mid-tier radio models.

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Fri Jul 9

Top 5 Best Entel Two-Way Radios of 2021

Wed Jul 7

Communication is a critical component of any ship or aircraft voyage. It assists in the communication of information to various departments to ensure efficient sailing, seamless travel, and management of the ship during the voyage. Marine communication requires an easy-to-manage device capable of transmitting audio information accurately and without static or interference.

As a result, a marine VHF radio is an excellent choice. Marine VHF radio is a global system of two-way radio transceivers that assists in the transmission of audio data aboard ships and watercraft. It is used to communicate bidirectionally between ships and shore and, in some cases, between ships and aircraft. Here is a selection of the best marine two-way radios that enable seamless communication with unmatched performance and are a must-have for any marine setup: 

Entel - DT542 Digital ATEX Marine Radio

The series' standard features include a channel voice annunciation option, which is frequently used on many radios to indicate the channel or Group selection. This is extremely useful for notifying you if you accidentally move the knob to another channel or Group. Enjoy high-torque ergonomic controls that are designed for gloved-hand operation, enhancing the user-friendliness of this radio. Its industry-leading IP68 2m 4-hour submersible rating ensures complete reliability and usability even in the most extreme environments, perfect for maritime use.

Entel - DT544 Digital ATEX Marine Radio with LCD Screen

The DTEx Series' titanium durability sets the bar for next-generation onboard radios. Standard features include a high-contrast OLED display, channel voice annunciation, and ergonomic controls with high torque for effective two-way communication. The radios in this series are designed for gloved-hand operation and feature an industry-leading IP68 2m 4-hour submersible rating, which ensures complete reliability and usability even in the most extreme conditions.

Entel - HT783 Portable Radio with LCD Screen

Perfect for beginners, the 255 channel HT783 has the highest visibility backlit display, and a lightweight and no-compromise build specification. HT Series 2.0's MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F construction and exceptionally loud audio make it the best choice for rescue services and major blue-chip petrochemical organizations. This portable radio sustains extreme environments and will display a battery cycle count each time you power on your radio. To help you out, it notifies you before your battery dies. These additional features include variable point voice scrambler, channel scanning, and local personal attack alarm. This entry-level LCD model will exceed expectations even for veterans. 

Entel - DX425/485 Digital Screened Portable Radio

The DX425/485 DMR Digital portables are the smallest, MIL-STD & IP68-certified, and cost-effective business-critical radios on the market today. They have licensed screened radios that produce exceptional audio, clarity, quality, and volume that must be compared to other DMR radios, giving the best quality sound in the market. The DX425/485 radios are also perfect for home application and in areas where much bigger commercial-size radios would have previously been employed. They are carefully designed with ultra-tactile buttons, better build, and unrivaled audio qualities with the dual-mode operation(analog and digital).

Entel - HX422/482 Portable Radio

The HX400 Series 2.0 is known for its superior build quality. Its small, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand for comfortable use. The radio in the series produces extremely loud audio, ideal for use in noisy environments, especially for a sea voyage. The HX series portable is MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F tested for toughness and has an IP55 splash-proof construction for durable use. Channel scanning and local personal attack alarm are included, along with Bluetooth communications and variable point voice scrambler; perfect for professionals. 

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The Adesso WT446 Twin Pack!

Being in touch with friends while skiing significantly adds to the fun, not to mention making skiing safer for everyone. So we have made it more simple this year to stay connected – this ideal combination provides a twin pack of fabulous Adesso WT446 radios.

The Adesso WT446 is a lightweight yet rugged and robust solution for people looking to move into radio communications to help with their needs. It combines affordable pricing with a high performance specification, whilst working within the PMR446 frequency so no licence is required. This twin pack comes with 2 radios, batteries, antennas, beltclips, chargers, lanyard straps and acoustic tube earpieces. 

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