Best Walkie Talkies for Indoor Use

Educators, safeguarders, property managers, small businesses, and others will benefit from the best indoor walkie talkies. Finding a trustworthy set that doesn’t encounter continual interference or drop signals, as well as an easy-to-use model, can be difficult in and of itself.

When shopping for walkie talkies, you’ll notice that there are several vital things to consider before clicking the “purchase now” button.  In the sections below, we will go through what to look for in your next set, what characteristics are most important, and how to pick the best models for indoor use.


The range is perhaps the most signficant or essential of all the specificationsto consider When buying a new set of radios.  There are several models with ranges ranging from half a mile to 36 miles. Unfortunately, various elements might interfere with a walkie talkie’s signal, reducing range capabilities by half.  Here’s why..


Not all Two-Way Radios waves are the same, using your walkie talkies inside can reduce the communication range. The way a radio signal travels and is potentially modified when it comes into contact with different materials will cause it to differ.  Any frequency below two megahertz is considered extremely low and will reflect off the atmosphere, audibly apparent by interference heard over the walkie-talkie. Many current versions have a frequency range ranging from 100 to 30 megahertz to 900 megahertz. VHF and UHF are the two most often utilised frequency ranges for walkie talkies.


It’ll also be crucial to consider where you’ll be employing the walkie talkies.  Knowing where you’ll use your walkie talkies will give you a good idea of what you’ll need them for. Remember that VHF models may communicate over long distances in open spaces, but will struggle inside whilst UHF models are better at penetrating walls, making UHF walkie talkies the better choice for inside use.


Radios use frequencies or channels to communicate with one another. A wave of various speeds will be created by information from one of these devices. Select a model that includes a scanning feature, which will scan all of the accessible local frequencies. Remember that radios with more channels are typically more expensive.

Life of the Batteries

You can get a walkie talkie that uses alkaline batteries or one that uses rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, are handier and more economical for indoor versions.


Some models are more lasting than others, so choosing a set with a guarantee is critical, mainly if children use the gadgets. A twelve-month warranty will be included with many top-selling models, protecting the gadget against damage and manufacturing problems.

Hence, when it comes to the internal usage then walkie talkies work the best and can surely be considered as a great option for communication.


I would just like to say a huge thank you to the walkie talkies team for the delivery of my Pronto radios. I only ordered them at 4pm and they arrived next morning. Great initial communication and the radios exactly as described.

Dave Hennings


Dear Walkie-Talkies, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my new charger pack what a fantastic handy piece of kit, it will serve me well on my motorcycle trips and when we go camping. Also may I say what a easy process it is to purchase from your website and the charger arrived next day. If I have any further requirements I will most certainly be coming back to you.

Ken Robertson


We have been working with Walkie-Talkies to equip our front of house and facilities staff with radio equipment for several years now. I have always found their personnel to be very personable, professional and knowledgeable. They have always strived to tailor solutions to meet our needs and our budget, even allowing us to trial equipment to make sure that it fitted our requirements. Their after care service is also excellent. I would most definitely recommend Walkie-Talkies’ services.

Sylvain, Property Management, London


Was looking to upgrade to digital radios for my school and decided upon the Motorola DP1400 and has proved to be an excellent investment. The radios were great value and delivery came early the next day. Will definitely be using you again.

Kevin Bower


For 12 years Walkie-Talkies have been assisting us with our communications requirements. Their fantastic customer support and cost effective solutions have ensured that our two way radios do not let us down!

Debi, Visitor Attraction, Isle of Wight

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